Aims and Objectives

Develop an understanding of church

  1. A group of believers
  2. Determined to grow
  3. Deepening relationships
  4. Pursuing authentic Christian living
  5. Telling the truth
  6. Caring for one another (in small groups)
  7. Stewardship of all our resources (funding the deal)

Develop a sensitivity to our community

  1. Building relationships in the community
  2. Sharing a simple witness with our friends
  3. Designing our services with non church goers in mind
  4. Inviting people to our services (putting ourselves out)
  5. Praying for people to become devoted to Christ
  6. Giving of our very best, wholeheartedly
  7. Addressing real needs, not ideas

Develop our teamwork

  1. Leaders giving a lead
  2. Identifying spiritual gifts
  3. Understanding spiritual passion
  4. Presenting opportunities for service
  5. Accountable to each other
  6. Acknowledging each other
  7. Resolving conflict